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Is photography an interesting thing, a process? No, it's philosophy, history, psychology, emotions...

 How many moments in our lives that we would so like to remember to the smallest detail, every moment, every look, sigh ... My life mission is not to let you forget these happy moments. I am your memory assistant

 I love writing your stories with photos.

 Advertising shooting, in my performance, is also always filled with deep meaning and carries a story.

 I work in the following directions photos:

 - Fashion photography, shooting clothes, shoes, accessories, shooting lookbooks

 - Food photography, food photography for restaurants (menu and posting)

 - Wedding photography, morning shooting of the bride, walk and banquet. Pre-wedding Love story shooting and thematic post-wedding field photo shoots. As well as outdoor photo shoots in other cities and countries.

 - Family photography, individual shooting and thematic photo projects.

 - Reportage, birthdays and other events.


I love to travel and shoot travel reports.






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